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If you are self employed or have Ltd. and your business area is Berkshire Area you are more than warmly welcome to join my platform and earn more customers.

Please note that my requirements to Partners/Contractors are as follows: 

  • To have at least 3 years work experience in the desired area;
  • To have a required qualifications and licences;
  • To be flexible;
  • To keep fast responding communication with our part and customers;
  • To do required tasks (ordered by customers) proper and sort problems faster.
  • To provide 9% discount to the other partners in the platform upon request for services.

The main goals of my project are:

  • To provide useful platform for customer’s enquiries and fast communication approach;
  • To gain as more as possible new customers in Berkshire area;
  • To keep existing customers for future orders of services or products;
  • To sort customer’s problem/s faster;
  • To obtain positive impact from customers and grow up both partners’ names popularity at the market as a brands.

If you decide to join the project I will need your data provided as follows:

  • Name/Name of Business and responsible for our communication person name;
  • Services/Product offered Description (no more than 250 words);
  • Address; working e-mail; Phone;
  • Logo ( if applicable). Allowed file types: jpg,jpeg,gif,png.
  • Short description of business activities. Allowed file type: doc, docx;
  • Website URL; FB Page ( if applicable).

NOTE: By signing up you agree to follow the Privacy Policy and Independent Contractor Agreement.