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Dear Karaokers,

To begin with it is very important to mention the fact that My Kox realises conception of a Japanese-style karaoke (Sing along in a separate private room/space – Karaoke Box).

Of course you can realise some kind of Karaoke in your home singing without microphones, using only You Tube at your smart TV, or Cast to TV installed App from you Smart Phone but it is not a great fun and real Karaoke experience to share with your family/friends.

What you need to have to realise Karaoke Party at Home?

1. TV. If you have no TV, you can request Multimedia Player + Screen as additional equipment.
Please have in mind that TV speakers, sound bar or home theater speakers are great for recorded sound but not for live sound.

2. Microphone/s – it is a good idea to have 2 mics and be able to enjoy duets with family members or friends. Wire or Wireless? In reference to my 15 years Karaoke experience, I prefer to use wired mics (with enough length of cable – 3 to 5 m).

3. Audio Mixer with MIC volume, MUSIC volume and echo controls.

4. Karaoke Player – you can use your own PC or Laptop or Multimedia Player but you will need to have collection of Karaoke songs. The other way is to use common Karaoke Machine with CD+G disks or DVD Player with collection of Karaoke DVDs.

5. For a better sound performance an Amplifier is must.

That’s it. All that you need to do is to connect all parts of system and made a sound check. Then the Karaoke Party can begin.

Why to choose my Karaoke Hire service?

1. I offer you 3 very easy to use Sets + Additional equipment (on request) for your great party at home.
2. I will provide you with a massive collection of Karaoke songs – from 50’s to present Top Hits – free of charge. Please note that copy and distributing of this CD+G, DVDs or sets of Flash memory is not allowed.
3. I am able to provide you with drop off/pick up and Karaoke equipment installation services.

Keep singing!

Milen (Mimo) – My KBox Karaoke Owner/Manager