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by  Mr3H

The word karaoke itself is a Japanese portmanteau word, or for the layman, the blend of two different japanese words to make one definitive word. It is derived from a shortened form of the word Karappo which means ’empty’ and a shortened form of the word Okesutura meaning ‘Orchestra’. So, the word can be taken to literally mean ’empty orchestra’ or, again in terms we understand, music that has the lead melody missing.

Karaoke singing itself can take many forms. Singing evenings take place in pubs and bars or on private parties at homes all over the world where amatuer singers can get a chance to sing and perform to a popular song where there is no lead vocal so just the singers voice can be heard with the music.

The beauty is that the singer does not need to be of any level of ability, the opportunity is given to everyone to sing. It can be sometimes difficult for someone not used to singing or performing to be able to match their singing in time with the music. Also it can be difficult to remember all the words of their chosen song.

Enjoy singing!

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