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There are very few people who’ve ever taken a singing lesson. However, how many of you have done karaoke or had a karaoke evening at yours? With games like SingStar, everyone can be a famous singer for a song or two. While most of us are pretty awful singers and struggle to sing in tune, it doesn’t matter how limited your vocal range is when you’re singing karaoke!

However, have you ever considered practising your singing with karaoke videos or using apps on your smartphone or tablet to practise singing on your own and with your friends in order to improve your singing voice? You’ll kill it at your next karaoke night!

Here’s how to do it: check out some of the best karaoke apps in order to learn how to sing and hit those high notes!

I recommend you: Vocaberry.

Why You Should Use Karaoke Apps

In terms of money, a karaoke app costs a lot less than traditional singing lessons from a voice teacher. If you’re on a budget, a karaoke app and a vocal coaching app might be the best solution for learning how to sing without breaking the bank.

Some apps are even available for free and others can cost significantly less than vocal training from a singing coach at your home once a week.

Practise singing wherever you are! (Source: kaboompics.com)

While it doesn’t help you warm up or practise professional vocal exercises, a karaoke app can help you improve your voice and subsequently impress your friends at your next karaoke night. Of course, each app is different and some can even modify your voice to make it sound like you sing perfectly like modern pop stars.

Another benefit is that you can take these Android or iOS apps wherever you go. You just need to download them on your phone and you’re ready to enjoy hours of karaoke at your house or with your friends on the beach. We couldn’t do that with old karaoke machines!

The last advantage of karaoke apps is that there’s an absolutely huge range of them. There are different features from simple karaoke versions of your favourite songs to the ability to record your own versions and share them with other users or your singing teacher if you have one. (Source: superprof.co.uk)

And finally, If you feel confident and ready to perform alone and in duet…Smule and StarMaker are excellent choices. You can spend a massive time singing your favourite songs, record and store them and will receive a lot of gifts and congrats 😉

Take a look at some of my solo and duet performances on the two platforms:
StarMaker: Search for Mimo.Mladeno

or at my Personal YouTube Channel:

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Duet performances

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