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Mr 3H – Customer Consultancy in Berkshire Why it’s called My KBox? My KBox recreates the idea of a Japanese

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CBD – Cheap but Delicious Food Recipes

While staying home, due to COVID-19 first lockdown, I decided to start a new project that I had been thinking

Computer & Web Education

Private lessons and training for elderly people to work with a computer/tablet/smart phone; Work with CMS like Joomla, WP, Wix,

Apply to UNI Consultancy

General consultancy about the opportunities for Higher Education in British Universities & Colleges (11 years as UCAS Adviser experience); Research/Advice

About me and the business

Hi there!

My name is Milen, but friends call me MIMO. I was born in Varna, Bulgaria. I hold a Marine Radiolocation Degree from N.Y.Vaptsarov Naval Academy, Bulgaria. I spent 11 years as a Naval Officer in the Bulgarian Navy (left as Lieutenant commander) and after that – more than 20 years in the sphere of Private Business.
Now, I am a 57-year-old man with huge live and professional experience in different spheres such as marine radiolocation and electronics, furniture design and manufacturing, automotive and motorbike tests and maintenance; as well as, Higher Education Consultancy, IT consulting, web development, and advertising.

As a person, I am friendly and helpful. I am proud of my ability to quickly establish relationships with those around me, based on mutual interests and pastimes. I have been a biker for more than 40 years and spending time in breathtaking picturesque Britain, alone or in someone’s company, is one of my greatest passions. I am an experienced karaoke performer, Karaoke songs creator, and Home Karaoke Equipment Hire supplier. I am able to sing in more than seven languages. I am also a songwriter, with more than 30 original songs so far.

My challenging life in England and the fact that I enjoy finding creative solutions for any issue inspired me to set up this small customer-oriented business in the sphere of consultancy which aims to solve any problem in the best and fastest way.

…AND …the Mr 3H was born.

Why 3H?

The first H stands for HANDS – my services are backed by excellent professionals with golden hands;

The second H is for HEAD – I try to carefully evaluate the customers’ issues and find the best action plan executed by the right specialists;

The third H is HEART – I give all my passion and energy in the solving process of every case in order to ensure the best results.

So, it is your turn to go ahead…

FIRST step: Read Services;

SECOND step: Read Privacy Policy;

THIRD step: Go to GET STARTED and let me sort out your problem faster.

Made by Mr 3H

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My KBox Karaoke

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CBD – Cheap but Delicious Food Recipes


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